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EU and Regional Organisations Sample Essay

EU and Regional Organisations
It can be said with some level of certainty that the future of Europe depends on its various bodies and organisations functioning to a level which brings further unity to the EU. Simply put, the EU has not yet met the high expectations which international political analysts had created a few years ago when the Euro was launched the world was giddy with the idea of an alternate super power. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development which has its headquarters in Paris has said that the economic prospects of Europe as a whole are quite dark and other regional organizations must do their part to ensure that the European economy does not go into a decline (Zakria, 2006).

The first major problem which is faced by various regional organisations is integration and conformity. This problem itself has persisted as a need for deep coordination in regional governance as well as regional assistance between European nations since the end of World War Two. The targets set by EU for itself as well as its various organizations through stated goals and development programs have worked to provide stronger regional policies for integration. This has manifested itself in both economic as well as administrative terms.

Taking the United Kingdom as an example of this, as a member state it has taken several important steps towards devolving the powers of administration from central governments to regional powers. This was done as a part of the measures for integration of the European Union and is one of many attempts to create a more perfect union by using sub-national economic development bodies working at both the regional and local levels (Gleeson, 2003). The case of Britain is important because Britain has had a history of strong centralised governments and this goes to show a commitment to the notion of the united European ideal.

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